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Tiki specializes in Polynesian tattooing using ancient hand poked bamboo methods, Tiki does not use machines. Each tattoo is drawn right on the customer freehand, every design utilizes symbols and patterns fitting to the customer. Tiki has studied the meaning of these symbols, making each tattoo specifically for the customer.

The Bamboo tattoo is a completely different experience compared to the machine; it is slower to complete but it hurts less than the machine tattoo. Another big advantage of a bamboo tattoo is that it heals significantly quicker than a machine tattoo, typically allowing the client to get back to vacation activities much faster.

In 2022, Tiki was one of the first if not the first New Zealand tattoo artist to release his own Polynesian art NFT collection.


Beautiful Tattoo

He did my first bamboo tattoo . It is really beautiful and like I wanted. It was like he read on my mind for the drawing. Very good job, nice guy. The same for his wife she is really kindly. Everything good, I’m very happy. You can go for a tattoo and trust him, he know his job 100%. Thank again. See you for the next part of my arm. Leny M

Best Tattoo Phangan

I highly recommend this place. Amazing job. Thank you - Piotr

Amazing Bamboo Studio

Absolutely amazing studio with professional artist i could not think of a better place to get a hand poked tattoo. Tiki had worked around my 30 year old tattoo and redone the old one its an absolute stunning tattoo now. highly recommend this tattoo studio. - John D

Amazing Artist

First tattoo, great experience! Tiki is a great guy. He worked with me on the design asking questions about why I chose a tattoo and customized the design to match my story. Very clean and comfortable studio. The bamboo technique was a lot less painful than I thought it would be and the results are amazing! Thank you Tiki for your beautiful work and a great experience. - Matthew Scrivo

The artist


Tikiroa (Tiki) is a New Zealand native with Maori and Dutch ancestry.  He has lived on the island of Koh Phangan for the past fourteen years, practicing his art and embracing island life.

In the years 2009 – 2019, Tiki has won first place 8 times, in the internationally known Tatau Awards. These Tatau Awards are made up of the 100 best Polynesian tattooists in the world. The voting take place on Facebook, on the Tatau of the month page. Tiki’s tattoos have also been represented in hundreds of other shows, competitions and featured in the top magazines.

Tiki’s Polynesian styles include Samoan, Maori, Marquesan, Hawaiian, Fijian, Rarotongan, Micronesian, Tahitian, Tongan and Polynesian fusion. His tattoos are made up of designs and symbols that represent life’s challenges, achievements, goals, family history, and much more. They are full of tradition, and mystical secrets, they tell the wearer’s life story and serve both to communicate that story with others and even more importantly a reminder to the wearer of the vast journey that got them to where they are today.

Tiki can aesthetically present his Polynesian designs on each customer. Because these tattoos are draw freehand by Tiki, he can match them perfectly to each individual’s body, accentuating muscles and following body curves. The result is a beautiful custom tattoo that perfectly fits the client.



A bamboo tattoo applied by hand by your tattoo artist, using a bamboo (or surgical stainless steel) stick with surgical steel needles attached to the end. This is commonly referred to as hand poked or traditional tattoos.


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